About us

Dora Ground is a website that provides readers with information on various aspects of Hong Kong, so that everyone can know more about Hong Kong and get fresh and interesting information.

Before we set up a website, we always thought about what information readers need to know about Hong Kong, and how do we share the relevant situation of Hong Kong to everyone? Through continuous exploration, we finally decided to introduce Hong Kong in depth from the aspects of Hong Kong’s innovation, finance, environment, law, and education.

In this Internet age, you can learn all kinds of information without leaving home, but you may not be able to accurately analyze whether the information is true. Therefore, our team uses their professional knowledge and reliable writing skills to screen real and useful information for you, so that you can get effective information.

Our team will further explore the latest developments in different areas of Hong Kong and share with you!

Our Team

Linda Miller

Artist, who is an expert in drawing that always shares her unique style online.  She is also enthusiastic about writing, therefore she usually posts her passages on the internet.

Jordon Tomich

University professor, who has worked in a prestigious university and has been teaching for 25 years. Classroom teaching is lively and interesting, so he is loved by students. Besides, he is a literature lover and likes to write stories around him.

Daniel Johnson

Editor, who has worked in a large magazine and has excellent writing skills. The column he was responsible for was of high quality has received much praise.