How to become a litigation lawyer? Recommend 4 courses in civil litigation

People who are willing to reason in life are reasonable people. People who dare not to reason under power and authority will only become people who are at the mercy of others. So no matter in your career choice or daily life, you can use legal knowledge everywhere. You choose your favorite department, take courses, and obtain a Hong Kong Top Masters , which will provide you with a better advantage for employment.

Many students want to enroll in the Hong Kong Law Department, but only a few local colleges offer law courses, including the Chinese University, City University, and Hong Kong University. In these colleges, They offer Master Degree Hong Kong programs,the school has a limited number of students to enroll in this course, so the entrance requirements for students are very high, and those who can be admitted by the school are all top students with excellent grades.

After you study legal knowledge, you can take up positions in related majors, and you can also apply it to the details of your life.The Law Department is a specialization of mental skills. People with strong language skills and logical thinking can apply for this degree.You can also choose CUHK Science to learn knowledge in other fields and enrich your knowledge.

Litigation Lawyer Course Introduction

The Litigation Lawyer Course course mainly studies administrative law, civil law, constitution, criminal law, etc., and regulates the behavior of the state, company operations or individuals, so its courses contain diversified content.

The law course in local colleges in Hong Kong is more famous as the bachelor degree course. Its admission requirements are students with logical thinking ability, strong curiosity, and excellent language performance. Therefore, the college has not many enrollment places, about 70 . If you excel in public examinations and have very good grades, then you can get a scholarship from the college.

4 tips for enrolling in civil litigation

1.Have a plan and strategy for your own selected subjects

The law department has high admission requirements, but its admission qualifications do not necessarily take A in every subject . You need to have a strategic plan for your discipline to ensure that you can reach the college’s law department admission score. For example, if you are good at English and mathematics, then you have to spend more time in these two subjects to ensure that your grades can reach A level. Of course, you need to have excellent grades in other subjects.

2. Understand the college admission guide

Each college has different score requirements. For example, the median score of the law department in Chinese in previous years was 32 , and some colleges have higher score requirements, so you need to know the entrance guide of the college you want to apply to, and know the college clearly What is the median score of the specialty so that you can know whether you can achieve the admission score.

3.Develop a reading method that suits you

If you decide to choose a law department, then you need to develop a study method that suits you. Some people will choose to enroll in a cram school after class, sum up the teacher’s notes in class after class, and finally put together an excellent note, so that you can better digest the knowledge taught by the teacher.

4.Improve personal language and English skills

Generally speaking, law students are very good in language and English, so if you want to apply for law, then you need to study these two subjects at a fixed time every day, and you can learn more about the reading skills of others, which can improve your Horizontal ability.

3 tips for learning Litigation Lawyer Course

litigation lawyer is one of the professions that many people dream of, so the law department is a popular elective major for students, but the law department has very high admission scores, and the language, math and English skills are very top, so its degree competition is fierce.

Even if you graduated from the Bachelor of Laws course, it is not possible to become a lawyer right away. You need to take a one-year professional legal certificate course ( PCLL ) , and then go to a law firm for an internship after passing the exam. As a solicitor, social competition is very fierce in this process, so if you are interested in this industry, then you must be determined to study legal knowledge seriously. The following is an analysis of legal tips for everyone.

1.Study hard

Law is different from other subjects. It has no absolute answers. It tests students’ logical thinking, analytical skills, etc. In the legal field, there are regulations and hundreds of cases involved. If you don’t spend enough time to read and understand, you won’t be able to come to substantive and meaningful conclusions, so you must work hard to learn legal knowledge.

In the long study time, don’t be afraid of hard work and overcome the boringness of study. In the end, you will find that it will not only bring you a good job, but also answer your questions in life.

2.Don’t recite blindly, you need to improve your analytical skills

Anyone who is studying or has been involved in the relevant legal profession knows that the most important thing in studying law is to memorize the regulations and read more cases, so in general it is to memorize relevant knowledge.

No matter which major you are enrolled in, it is indispensable to memorize this important learning method, and there are quite a lot of things to remember in the law. But can you be a good litigation lawyer by memorizing it all? When you are studying legal knowledge, in addition to remembering the knowledge, you also need to apply the knowledge you have learned and remembered to actual cases to improve your expression and analysis skills.

3.Strong resistance to pressure

Every student who completes the Bachelor of Laws course may not be able to become a litigation lawyer in the end, because they also need to pass the difficult PCLL exam. The pass rate of the legal professional certificate course is only 50 %, that is, only half of every 10 students can become lawyers, so the competition is very fierce.

Every student admitted to the law department is a very outstanding student, so if you want to surpass half of the outstanding scholars, you must have a strong ability to withstand pressure. Faced with heavy studies and intense environments, you still keep on studying hard and don’t have negative thoughts of giving up.

The way out of litigation lawyer

Many people think that after finishing the law course, only the litigation lawyer industry can choose. In fact, it has a wide range of employment. If you want to become a public official, then you can be a prosecutor, judge, judicial officer, etc. The role of these positions is very important, so you need to be excellent in all aspects of your work and handle things very rigorously.

If you don’t want to work in a government agency, then you can go to some listed companies as legal counsel. Your role as legal affairs in the company is mainly to analyze the company’s operational decisions for managers. The behaviors you make must be legal and proper, and avoid touching laws and regulations.

If you invest in the education industry, then you can continue to study law-related topics, and then you can work as a law professor in the college and so on.

No matter which industry you enter in the future, you have to improve your personal abilities, so that you have more advantages in the workplace, with stable income and better treatment. The following is a list of popular positions in the law department:

  1. the judicial officer
  2. Prosecutor
  3. Lawyer
  4.  Legal counsel
  5. 5. Administrative staff (government agencies)
  6. 6. Legal affairs
  7. 7. Trainee lawyer

ways to become a lawyer

Many law students have an idea, that is, they want to be an excellent lawyer, who is eloquent and well paid. But after you finish the Bachelor of Laws course, you still cannot work as a litigation lawyer, so what else do you need to do? Here are two ways you can become a lawyer .

1.Completion of the Certificate of Law Course ( PCLL )

After you have taken the 4- year Bachelor of Laws course in the college, you still need to apply for a one-year law certificate course. After passing the exam, you have the opportunity to become a solicitor.

2.Law Firm Intern

After you complete the relevant courses, you will have to go to a law firm for an internship. The general internship period is two years. This depends on your performance. Some firms may require a longer internship period. You can only become a lawyer after the internship period expires.

To sum up

You often hear social and political issues or other discussion topics in your daily life. If you have a certain understanding of the law, then you can understand the development of events between them, and you can also exercise your own independent opinions. So after you take the law course, you don’t have to be a lawyer or a judicial officer. You can also develop into other positions. Of course, being a good lawyer is a better career direction.

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