Backed by the motherland, Hong Kong’s opportunity for innovation and invention has arrived

The meaning of life is to continuously explore the unknown and continuously increase knowledge. Talk without practice is like a fruitless tree. We should use knowledge, be brave in innovation, and create a better career.

As one of the four Asian dragons, Hong Kong has made great achievements in the financial industry and has become a world-renowned financial center. With China’s reform and opening up, the dividends of the manufacturing industry have gradually transferred to the mainland.

The mainland economy has developed rapidly in the past two decades and has become the world’s second-largest economic power. In this case, the metropolis needs to change its strategic thinking, highlight the strength of innovation and invention, and find a precise positioning from the mainland.

1. Hong Kong’s efforts for innovation and invention

After years of development, the city has gradually changed its economic development model, and the proportion of manufacturing has been declining. It has been replaced by a service-oriented economic development road.

Innovative development is an indispensable element for the rapid development of every region, and the official administration recognizes this. Every year, Hong Kong Science and Technology Bureau organizes innovation and invention competitions through major innovation and technology associations and enterprises. The scope of participation is not limited to local, but also extends to Asia and even the world.

Participating companies come from all over the world, and the entries also cover the most popular fields such as biotechnology, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence. By holding an innovation and invention contest, bringing together the world’s innovative thinking, it has inspired more local people in . At the same time, the city‘s officials also held a Youth Genius Conference to start with innovation and create more innovative talents for the future.

2. Mainland policy support

In order to strengthen the scientific and technological cooperation between this international metropolis and the Mainland, and fully support the “Pearl of the Orient” as a center of innovation and technology, and jointly realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, china‘s official departments have also given great support to this official administration. In Hong Kong, there are many members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, who have made great contributions to the technical cooperation between Xiangjiang and the Mainland.

The use of national scientific research project funds in this city and the tariff preferences for some scientific research instruments have been largely solved. The state has also issued policies that give this city enterprises great incentives to establish technology companies in the Mainland. In the next stage, a lot of guidance will be issued on the exchange of scientific and technological personnel between the mainland and Hong Kong and participation in the national science and technology plan.

3. Opportunities for innovation and invention in Hong Kong

The first is the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. This term was mentioned in the 2017 government work report and was subsequently formally written into the development outline. The formal mutually beneficial cooperation between HK, Macau and Guangdong Province was launched.

Through the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, technological innovation will enter a rapid development channel, and this area will also be built into a world-class technology industry base. The city‘s official administration is full of confidence in the construction of the Greater Bay Area, saying that this is the metropolitan innovation Great opportunity to invent.

This city‘s official administration has launched an entry plan for technology talents. In the next three years, it hopes to introduce more than 1,000 professionals in financial technology, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, etc., and provide them with generous talent treatment and attract those who have achieved success in various fields can settle in.

 Sum up

The future development of Hong Kong requires innovation and invention, and the continuous introduction of scientific and technological talents. The whole society is aware of this, and the metropolitan future development will be more precise and not deviated. In any case, conducting in-depth cooperation and exchanges with the Mainland is a strategy for the city‘s future development.

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