How to improve Hong Kong air quality?

Our life becomes more and more fulfilling and more meaningful, letting everyone create a picturesque life. If the quality of air cannot be guaranteed, it will be a big problem. Maybe you want to know how to improve hong kong air quality.

For a city, whether it is a livable city depends on the city’s economic, cultural, and climatic conditions. Air quality is also a very important factor. Good air quality can make every citizen feel comfortable and healthy. Hong Kong’s air quality has declined in recent years, making the government have to pay attention to the governance of the ecological environment.

1. What are the main air quality tests?

The quality of air quality is related to the concentration of pollutants in the air, of which “negative oxygen ion” is recognized by the World Health Organization as one of the indicators of air quality.

The pollutants in the air mainly include inhalable substances. For example, the particulate matter that everyone is familiar with. This kind of micro-particles spreads a large area and has a strong activity.

It can stay in the atmosphere for a long time and inhale for a long time. The health hazards are great. Other inhalable substances include slightly larger particles.

2. Current Air Quality in Hong Kong

A survey report by the international human resources agency shows that Hong Kong’s ranking of the world’s livable cities has been declining in recent years. This is largely due to dissatisfaction with the city’s air quality.

According to air quality satisfaction surveys conducted in many countries and regions around the world, the citizens are the world ’s people who are not satisfied with the air quality in their region.

A small number of citizens are satisfied with the air quality in Hong Kong, while most people are dissatisfied with the area.

Most of those who are dissatisfied are complaining about the exhaust emissions from the metropolitan transportation, the waste emissions from thermal power generation in the region, and the pollutants from the Pearl River Delta industrial zone.

In addition, the political situation in Hong Kong has been relatively tense in the past two years, making air pollution a big topic.

3. The Hong Kong government frequently recruits

In order to solve the problem of air pollution, the Hong Kong Environment Bureau issued a “Hong Kong Clean Air Blueprint” in 2013, which details various measures to limit vehicle exhaust pollution, power plant pollution, and industrial zone pollution.

Plans to reduce vehicle waste emissions, conduct annual review meetings on air quality indicators, and consult the public in large numbers, while revising the legislative procedures promptly.

HK official administration has established multiple air quality monitoring points to immediately report changes in local air quality, improve the development and utilization of industrial energy, develop non-polluting new energy sources, strictly limit the release of fireworks and firecrackers, and increase the degree of vegetation greening. Limit emissions of pollutants in various ways.

 Sum up

After a series of measures and the official administration’s attention, some achievements have been made in the treatment of environmental pollution. This city’s air quality has rebounded.

However, the environment must not be relaxed for a moment. Only with the joint efforts of all residents in Hong Kong, The environment can continue to improve.

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