What are the branches of psychology? The 3 easiest psychology skills to master

In the process of growing up, children will always make some behaviors to make their parents angry. Sometimes the behavior or language of the parents will hurt the children, which will have a bad influence on their psychology in the future.

People’s hearts are very sensitive, and strong people can overcome difficulties and move forward courageously; weak hearts are often easily frightened by difficulties, or even knocked down, and finally need to find a psychologist to assist in treatment.

Nowadays, more and more people are interested in branches of psychology or Master of Public Administration.You should have watched some psychological-related videos on TV, but do you really understand branches of psychology?

Psychology takes human behavior and thought as the main research object, and combines theory and science into a systematic discipline. Psychologists provide advice to those in need through understanding, predicting future directions and controlling, etc., to improve the quality of life.

Introduction to the branches of psychology

Psychology is a discipline that combines theory and application, starting from spirit, behavior, and psychology, and using scientific methods to study psychological processes.Some schools in Hong Kong offer this subject and provide a variety of advanced courses for students to learn. Among them, Master HK has attracted many students’ attention.

Psychology mainly studies human behavior. Various experiments have been done on this subject to see whether certain external factors have an impact on human psychology, but these methods have an insufficient scientific basis. Nowadays, the development of technology is becoming more and more mature. Doctors use medical instruments to examine patients, and finally, use theoretical knowledge to study human psychological conditions.

Psychology has a variety of learning topics, such as theoretical knowledge, perception, language, emotions, personality, etc., using scientific theories to study human activities. Psychology involves a wide range of fields, which can be summarized into two main fields, which are theoretical and applied psychology.

Theoretical Psychology: It is the theoretical research of this industry, and it is related to the psychology of biology, cognition, perception, neurology, and so on.

Applied psychology: It mainly uses basic industry knowledge and theory to solve problems encountered in reality. It covers a wide range of fields, such as education, sports, organization, and other psychology.

Psychotherapy is to help people in need to relieve their psychological troubles and replace negative emotions with positive emotions. There are many treatment methods, including games, paintings, behaviors, etc. The treatment methods are set according to different people’s conditions.

branches of psychology is suitable for the crowd:

1. Strong memory

2. Interested in this industry

3. Strong data analysis and processing capabilities


1. Improve personal memory

2. Know yourself clearly and know how to decompress yourself

3. Improve tolerance and patience

Branches of psychology

The content of psychology courses in universities are all basic knowledge, but they will involve knowledge in every field so that graduates are a little confused about their careers before entering the workplace. Some people will engage in work that does not match their major after graduation, such as starting their own business.

If you want to continue to develop in this industry, then you can take a master’s degree after graduation. After that, you can choose to work in counseling, education, clinical psychologist, evaluation, etc., to improve people’s psychological quality in various ways, and finally a Healthy path.

1. Clinical psychologist

An ordinary bachelor’s degree cannot be used as a clinical psychologist, and general education requires a master’s degree or higher, and relevant courses are required. During this learning process, you need to have sufficient internship experience before you can become a qualified psychologist. The clinical psychologist will first evaluate the client’s situation and relieve the client’s distress through industry treatment or other treatment methods.

2. Psychological counselor

Psychological counselors need to be approved by formal institutions before they can treat the client. The treatment is generally trained in hypnosis, music, games, etc., through such training to improve the client’s mood and deal with the client’s behavioral problems.

The 3 easiest psychology skills to master

1. The yawn effect

When you are doing something serious and you want to know if the person next to you is secretly looking at you, you can try to yawn. If the person next to you also yawns, then this person is usually watching you. This is We often have the yawn effect.

2. Food eases conflicts

When you have a conflict with your friend, don’t keep two people in the same secret room, as this will only make the conflict more intense. You can go out to the restaurant to eat with your friends, and you can distract both parties in front of the food, thus alleviating the conflict between the two parties.

3. Sequence effect

When you go to the admission interview or job interview, you are usually in a state of tension. How can you be impressive in such a situation? In a short period of time, people generally remember the beginning and the end the most firmly, so when you introduce yourself, you should be concise and clear, and make people feel sincere, so that it is easy to make a good impression.

5 frequently asked questions about branches of psychology

Q1: Are psychologists the same as psychiatrists?

Psychologists understand the psychology of patients and give advice on prevention and control, so it does not belong to the medical profession and does not require prescriptions for patients.

In addition to using psychological knowledge to improve the psychological condition of patients, psychiatrists also have the authority to prescribe and treat patients. If the doctor encounters a patient with a more serious condition, he will mainly use medication to improve his emotional condition.

Q2: Which institutions can psychology students go to work?

Students studying psychology can work in educational institutions, police departments, welfare departments, medical institutions, private institutions, family service agencies, etc.

Q3: Which bachelor’s degree in psychology is required?

A professional psychologist, it is best to get a master’s degree, and then get more job opportunities in this field.

Q4: What is the salary of a psychologist? Is the salary high?

People who study psychology can work in different institutions and take up different positions. Salaries for different positions can vary greatly. For example, clinical psychologists have strong professional abilities and high academic requirements. Salaries in this field are generally quite high. The starting salary of an ordinary psychological counselor is slightly lower, but compared with other industries, its starting salary is also very high.

Q5: What should I do if I want to become a clinical psychologist?

You can go abroad or to Hong Kong to study related master’s courses, and the psychology course of the Chinese University of Hong Kong is quite suitable. After you finish the course, you must go to relevant institutions for internships to serve people in need of different age groups. You need the assistance of a senior psychologist during the internship to provide you with better advice and supervise the progress of your work.

To sum up

Some people often hear about psychologists, but there is no doctor in this industry. They are called psychologists. They talk to you during the treatment process and finally give feasible suggestions. In modern society, competition is increasing, and both office workers and business operators are under varying degrees of pressure. If people’s stress is not released, mental illness is prone to occur, so you should usually learn to adjust your mentality and have a healthy mind.

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