What impact does the Hong Kong Cyberport have on the local area?

The Hong Kong Cyberport was in the late 1990s. It was suggested by the chairman of the Hong Kong Pacific Group to invest in the Cyberport. The Hong Kong SAR Government launched the Cyberport Development Plan in 1999 and started construction in September of the same year.

The Hong Kong Cyberport includes office buildings, residential life District and various amusement facilities, as the 21st century is the era of the development of Internet information technology.

The Hong Kong SAR Government is very forward-looking about the construction of the Cyberport. Since the return of Hong Kong in 1997, the mainland Chinese government will not intervene in Hong Kong ’s economy, finance and trade within 50 years.

Therefore, the Hong Kong SAR Government has always maintained autonomy and autonomy Power, Hong Kong will gradually develop into an international financial and trade center. The construction of the Cyberport has brought great convenience to Hong Kong’s local Internet technology companies and digital information technology companies.

Areas providing digital information and Internet technology cooperation

The Cyberport is located in the Steel Line Bay of Pok Fu Lam in the southern district of Hong Kong. It covers an area of ​​24 hectares, of which office rentals are concentrated in one area, providing office space for the future entry of more than 300 digital technology companies and Internet technology companies.

In the future, the development of science and technology will start from the Internet and digital information technology.

These companies are concentrated in the same area, which provides convenience for foreign investors to find such companies. It also increases the benign competition between these companies and promotes the development of digital and Internet technologies. It uses Internet, digital life and other related products for Hong Kong residents. Provides a more convenient basis.

Improve the living standard of residents

As one of the special administrative regions of China, Hong Kong ’s residents have a higher standard of living than most cities in the Mainland. Hong Kong ’s comprehensive social security system makes it very convenient for residents to seek medical treatment, live and work.

The construction of the Cyberport provides Hong Kong residents with more Convenient Internet interaction methods and the speed of digital information dissemination provide residents with a more convenient information environment for shopping, working and traveling. They also directly drive job opportunities for residents in the surrounding areas of Cyberport and improve their living standards.

Drive the development of tourism

The Hong Kong Cyberport has more than 170 rooms of high-end hotels, providing a more comfortable and high-tech living environment for foreign tourists, and the data center owned by the Cyberport provides more convenient signal conditions for residents to Videophone and voice phone signals are better. It provides a more comfortable and convenient location for foreign tourists to come to Hong Kong, allowing these tourists to appreciate the convenience brought by high technology to human beings.

Since 2010, the Internet has developed rapidly, providing more companies to settle in the Cyberport, driving the development of the local Internet industry in Hong Kong, increasing the promotion and operation opportunities of the tourism industry, and letting people know more about local tourism in Hong Kong Development, attracting more tourists to visit Hong Kong.

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