Hong Kong has many advantages to higher education,are you interested?

Education not only imparts knowledge, but it also spreads civilization. Education costs money, but ignorance costs money. Both are chosen, and many people will want to be the masters of knowledge.

In our country, Hong Kong is of course the most liberalized and international city. In this city, the different cultures of China and the West blend to form a very unique and attractive metropolis.

Every year, many mainland parents send their children to the Pearl of Orient for education and education, hoping that their children can see the world through this international metropolis. So what is HK’s higher education system like? What are its advantages?

1. The higher education system in Hong Kong

There are numerous institutions of higher education in HK. These institutions are divided into public and private institutions. Both public and private institutions can award professional qualifications and diplomas.

Public colleges and universities are mainly funded by the official administrations. There are several public colleges and universities in the city that can provide students with college, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees. In order to better create good learning conditions and atmosphere for students and create comprehensive international talents, the city’s official administration has adjusted the undergraduate study time from three years to four years so that every student can stay on campus as much as possible well educated.

Private colleges and universities are funded by private investment of entrepreneurs. In addition to comprehensive universities, there are various specialized colleges. Different colleges have different courses and different fees. In general, tuition fees at public institutions are generally lower than those at private institutions.

2. Investment in Higher Education in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a long history of attaching importance to education, so the whole of society has spared no effort to invest in the education industry. The metropolitan active economic and financial environment has injected a very active force into the investment in the education industry. Whether it is government, business, charity or private investment, there are many.

Under the vigorous advocacy of the officials, the HK official department’s expenditure on education has been increasing year by year. The metropolitan annual expenditure on education has reached a certain amount of annual government expenditure, which highlights the importance the city attaches to the education sector. Personal donations are also relatively common here. Whenever you walk into major universities in this city, you can see the teaching buildings and major venues donated by people from all walks of life.

3. Educational philosophy in Hong Kong

In HK’s higher education, the concept of education is the most prominent one. The education sector in this city attaches great importance to the diversity of learning knowledge structure, and their education is not limited to the majors chosen by students. In addition to being proficient in professional knowledge, it also continues to expand the knowledge of other related specialties, especially the emphasis on the cultivation of cultural and artistic knowledge, so that each student can not only master the common sense of schoolwork but also have other aspects of appreciation.

The education sector in Hong Kong also attaches great importance to the cultivation of students’ spiritual qualities. They believe that China’s traditional culture is extensive and profound and should be taken as the core idea of ​​humanities. It should then absorb the outstanding culture of the West to form its own unique cultural heritage. In the process of continuously expanding cultural knowledge, students’ sense of independence and self-confidence will also be trained. Through a caring education model, students will continue to learn to reduce stress and ease their emotions while feeling the pressure.

Sum up

The emphasis on education in all walks of life in Hong Kong has made the Pearl of Orient’s higher education flourish and imported more professionals into the country, which is very beneficial to the city’s long-term development.

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