how much do you know about the University of Hong Kong?

Knowledgeable and accomplished people have accumulated knowledge over time. No matter how much knowledge you get, it’s yours, the result of your continuous efforts. Youth is only once, and we should make ourselves wonderful.

In the rankings of Asian universities, in addition to the well-known domestic Tsinghua University and Peking University, the University of Hong Kong is also ranked in a very eye-catching position. It is not only very famous in China but also enjoys a high academic status in the world. It is the best university in HK. Many friends take this university as their goal for studying. How much do you know about it?

A corner of the university

The establishment of the University of Hong Kong

A long time ago, the University of Hong Kong took shape. A new school was formed by the merger of two well-known western medical colleges and official administration technical colleges. Now when the university is really established, it is a period of change in China. On the mainland of the motherland, anti-feudal slogans swept the whole of China, and in this “Pearl of the Orient” land, a college that was about to win numerous honors for the city was officially completed.

In the years since the founding of the university, the University has sent a large number of outstanding talents to the world. For example, Mr. Sun Yat-sen, the father of the democratic revolution in China, is the first graduate of this university. In addition, there are more famous people who graduated from this university.

The early university was mainly based on western science and engineering disciplines, mainly in the study of natural sciences. With the continuous development of the university, the social and humanistic atmosphere on the campus has become increasingly strong, and the courses offered have been continuously expanded. Achievement of countless comprehensive universities today.

The strength of the University of Hong Kong

As a comprehensive research university, this university, with its cutting-edge scientific research results and openness and inclusiveness, has become a goal pursued by many students. In addition to its own multiple key disciplines, the state has set up five key laboratories at this university. It has won multiple awards, including medical awards, for its scientific research results.

Many professors have been awarded the title of foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and have repeatedly won the National Science and Technology Progress Award and the National Natural Science Award. Their scientific research strength is very strong.

In other respects, HK is the financial center of Asia. This university has made great achievements in finance, economics, and management, sending a large number of professional talents to this metropolitan finance.

Future development of the University of Hong Kong

As a century-old university, the University of Hong Kong is very well-known. It does not stop here. It needs more energetic young people to take over and push the development of the university to a higher level.

In recent years, the interaction between this university and the Mainland has become more frequent. As the mainland’s economic strength continues to increase, more and more talents have emerged, which is exactly what it needs. Only a large number of young talents can continue to promote the progress of academic research and promote the development of academics. The mainland’s strong support for this university has also contributed to its development. The development of a university must be combined with the development of the country in order to have a wider world.


The University of Hong Kong is not only a higher education institution, but it is also a huge treasure. The technological and cultural achievements it represents are the epitome of the rapid development of the city. In the future, this university will continue to adhere to the school motto of “Sapientia Et Virtus” and go its own way”.

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