How much do you know about legal services in Hong Kong?

Understand the law, your life will become more desirable; abide by the law, the world will become more harmonious. If there is no law in this world, how can we deal with difficult matters? Don’t wait until you make a mistake before you regret that you didn’t know it earlier; don’t wait until you are punished by the law before you regret that you didn’t learn the law earlier. We need to be good at using Hong Kong legal services. It is a treasure. We can learn more about this.

The Chinese people’s awareness of protecting their rights is gradually increasing, and the demand for various legal consultations is gradually increasing. How to choose the right legal consulting service is necessary, but now most legal cases are civil cases, so what are civil cases?

What is a civil case?

Civil cases are a classification of accepted cases according to the nature of legal relations. To put it simply, civil cases are legal disputes between people. Civil cases follow the principle of ignorance by the parties. In plain terms, if you do not sue me, the court will not accept it. However, it should be noted that there are some differences in the rules of civil procedure between Hong Kong and Macau (Hong Kong and Macau).

Classification of civil cases

1. First-level case

It mainly includes human rights disputes, marriage and family inheritance disputes, contracts, non-cause management, improper profit disputes, intellectual property rights and competition disputes (in short: a dispute over human rights violations, property inheritance rights, intellectual property rights, and intellectual property rights competition rights).

The “Civil Cases Regulations” have some amendments, and some of them have been modified and improved, which has promoted the rigor and justice of the law.

2. Second-level case:

The second-level cause is divided into many types by the first-level cause. At present, the most domestic disputes are real estate disputes, marriage and family disputes, and contract enterprise disputes.

In the past, most people in China did not have a strong awareness of the law, and they did not learn much about law. In the 21st century, China is now booming. People’s awareness of the law is gradually increasing. Slow perfect. People now pay more attention to their rights, such as intellectual property rights, patent rights, real estate registration, contract disputes, and so on.

3.third-level case:

The third-level cause is divided into many kinds of causes by the second-level cause. Among them, the division of each cause is more rigorous.

Share some details of legal case

When people defend their rights, they should look at relevant legal documents and understand legal aid and legal advice. This is also to avoid insufficient evidence, inconsistent materials, and elaborate details of case recall in the process of defending their rights, which leads to inadequate evidence Perfect, resulting in a losing cause.

China now has more post-90s stuff. This generation of young people’s needs for protecting their rights and interests are increasing, but they do not have a comprehensive understanding of relevant laws and regulations, so they still need professional legal consulting services to answer them. Here are some examples:

1) .Ms. Zhang works in Hong Kong and recently left a certain company, but the company has not paid the wages after several months of delay. Ms. Zhang has repeatedly sought complaints from the Labor Bureau. The company still refuses to pay labor remuneration and labor expenses. At this time, Miss Zhang filed an alarm and the case was a typical civil case-labor compensation dispute.

2). Mr. Wang and Ms. Zhou have been married for many years in Hong Kong. However, due to the disagreement, Mr. Wang and Ms. Zhou filed for divorce. However, due to disputes over property distribution after marriage, they went to the court for trial. This type of case is also typical. Civil cases-disputes over the common property in marriage.

The difficult of those case

The above two cases are two types of cases that are more common in today’s society, so let’s analyze what are the difficulties of the above two cases?

1) The first is the labor compensation dispute of Miss Zhang who works in Hong Kong. The hardest part of this kind of salaried migrant workers is that many people have not signed a labor contract with the company. Although there is a method specifically for labor contracts, that is, the person normally works at the company, checks in, has the labor compensation materials on duty and previously settled.

With these materials, the court will also consider that the employee has a labor relationship with the company. The company also needs to pay delayed labor compensation and lost-time costs. If there is a labor contract, it is easier to handle, but you also need to pay attention to whether the contract meets the relevant requirements of the contract law formulated by the state, that is to say, the contract is legal.

If it is not legal, you need to follow the information provided above. Sorting out, it is legal to pay delayed labor remuneration and lost-work costs by the relevant regulations on the labor contract.

2). For the case of Mr. Wang and Ms. Zhou living in Hong Kong, the difficult point is to sort out the pre-marital property and the common property of the marriage, such as real estate Whether the names of both parties are on the card).

Therefore, for this type of marriage and family disputes, the court mainly resolves these cases through consultation between the parties.

The above is a general explanation of civil related cases. For this type of civil case dispute, it requires a professional legal consulting service.

Advantages of professional Hong Kong legal consulting services

1). The legal adviser has a better understanding of the Hong Kong legal system than the client

2). In handling the case, the legal adviser will provide some professional opinions to reduce the time for the parties to sort out relevant materials;

3). Legal personnel serve the parties and reduce their financial losses;

4). The parties can go to the legal services to learn about related matters and increase the parties’ understanding of Hong Kong law.

5). Legal personnel classifies the cases of the parties more accurately.

How to choose a professional legal consulting service platform?

1). First, understand that you need to sort out the issues of seeking legal advice and check whether the relevant legal files and regulations of the website where the legal consulting service platform is located are accurate;

2). It is best to find a local law firm in Hong Kong to check whether the law firm has relevant legal information;

3). The lawyers of this law firm are lawyers with national lawyer qualification certificate;

4). Consult the law firm on whether the fees are within their tolerance.


Hong Kong’s law has a sound mechanism and has expanded in all areas. The general public can learn more about Hong Kong’s legal services, which is also very helpful to them.

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