What are the advantages of Hong Kong investment in the Belt and Road Initiative?

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Impact of the Belt and Road Initiative

With the implementation of the One Belt One Road policy, economic, trade, cultural and political exchanges between multiple domestic provinces (municipalities) and 65 countries and regions have a significant impact.

There are many provinces in China, such as cities in Guangdong, Guangxi, Zhejiang, Hubei and other provinces that are not included in the “Belt and Road”, and they need to cooperate with the cities and provinces included in the “Belt and Road”. However, after the policy came out, it will have a huge impact and help for most domestic companies.

Belt and Road investment advantages in Hong Kong

Under the Belt and Road Policy, Hong Kong has many advantages.

Content Hong Kong Advantages  
Law Hong Kong has a sound legal system with a wide range of development areas and extensive development in all walks of life. Securities, financing, intellectual property, technology, capital market and other aspects are involved in the work of France and Tianjin.  
Policy Hong Kong has established different offices in both the Mainland and overseas to make it easier for Hong Kong to communicate and communicate with each other in terms of cultural ties and trade.
Economic The Belt and Road policy is not short of money and partners, but professional management talents are exactly what it needs. Hong Kong has talents in various industries such as law, international economic law, investment financing, management, which is a great advantage of Hong Kong. It has an international environment and network to integrate the economy into globalization.  
Finance Hong Kong is the third-largest financial center with many financial products. It has a mature equity financing market, infrastructure financing, and investment risk control. Hong Kong’s financial center should use its biggest advantage to support the One Belt One Road policy so that China and its stakeholders can use this platform to join hands in participating in infrastructure investment and financing projects.  
Geographical location Hong Kong is very advantageous in terms of geographic location. Coastal ports pass through the South Pacific, Indian Ocean, and even extend to countries around the world (Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, North Africa, etc.), making China and other countries more friendly in developing economic cooperation.  

Hong Kong’s advantage is also reflected in popular policies. Hong Kong has professional media organizations and heavy-duty colleges. For relevant outstanding students from the “Belt and Road”, the SAR Government will provide scholarships for them to go to university in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong government is considering optimizing visa requirements to allow more people from other regions to come to Hong Kong for employment, tourism and further studies.


Hong Kong’s free and open market allows currency, information, and goods to circulate freely, which has established a position in the financial trade.

Hong Kong should appropriately relax restrictions on political reform and not lose this opportunity for development. Hong Kong must give full play to its advantages so that the Belt and Road policy can develop better.

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